June 8, 2017

Human Story: Law

It’s obvious that the legal system in the United States is designed to incriminate and incarcerate people of color. I don’t need to provide data or fact or proof. But I will.


Police are three times as likely to search cars driven by black drivers than white drivers. Further, black drivers are pulled over more often without reason. It’s almost as though police officers are systematically identifying people of color to 1. Pull over, 2. Incriminate, 3. Incarcerate, 4. Continue to help the country and justice system profit off of the mass incarceration of people of color!


Black and White U.S. Americans use drugs at comparable rates and yet, those of color are far more likely to be charged with a drug-related offense. Now, I am not suggesting that the justice system in the United States criminalizes the things that our deliberately impoverished citizens have to do to stay alive, but it’s not outside of the realm of possibility now is it?


Black Americans routinely receive longer and harsher sentencing than White Americans for similar crimes (for which White Americans are not even tried in most cases) and this is often after they have been held in prison on bail deliberately set too high for their family members to pay.


There are attorneys in the world who are aware of these racial injustices and will work to ensure that you are treated with the fairness that should be afforded to all citizens.


Whether you’re looking for a defense attorney in Austin, TX or a personal injury attorney in Biloxi, MS (, understand your rights, write down exactly what happened to you and memorize it, find witnesses, protect yourself.